Hello There!

Welcome to our site folks! Here we present the most complete promotion’s management.. We like no others, coz we have almost everything you need to support. We specialized in Exhibition organizer, Event’s IT Support, and Online Ads. but still we do other promotional activities like Merchandising, booth production and installation for regular or big events.


  • Exhibition Organizer : Don’t know where to sell or promote with highly recommended traffic ? Let us manage the area for your exhibition / brand activities in several Malls or Buildings
  • Event Organizer: Massive brand promotions with market targeted activities or gathering your community in an unforgettably fun things

Event IT Support

Designs, deploys and monitors internet / wifi network at exhibition events, music concerts, and other activities.

Online Ads

Set Ads placements / product promotions on Free Wifi media in segmented venues like Cafes, Shopping Centers Buildings, Office Buildings, Transportation Facilities (Trans Jakarta Stops and Train Stations), Education Centers (School and Campus), Hospitals, or other public areas.


  • Design, produce, and maintain hi quality booth for promotion or exhibition  
  • Set your booth up for exhibitions, pick up from warehouse, and set them up. Also dismantles and restore back to warehouse
  • Branding merchandises productions